How to plan and record savings

Planning savings is similar to planning the budget except the tracking meter doesn’t depend on expense or income transaction. It depends on withdraw and deposit transaction.

Enter Plan Adding

Navigate to PLANS tab and press Add menu on the top right.

Setting A Savings Plan

  1. Select type to Savings.
  2. Select desire category.
  3. Set its cycle. If you choose Daily/Monthly/Yearly, the tracking meter will be started over when the new day/month/year come.
  4. Set target value. For Daily/Monthly/Yearly cycle, the target value is per Day/Month/Year and will be calculated automatically. For example, a savings plan which have Monthly cycle and $100 per day. On August, the target of this month will be $3100 and when the September comes the target will be $3000 and the tracking meter will start at 0 again.

Edit/Delete A Budget

  1. Navigate to PLANS tab.
  2. Press on a savings plan and press Edit or Delete menu.

Add Savings Transaction

  1. Navigate to PLANS tab.
  2. Press on a savings plan and press Deposit or Withdraw menu.
  3. Or navigate to TRANSACTIONS tab and add transaction by selecting the category which is a savings plan in the SAVINGS tab. In this method, press (+) button to deposit and (-) button to withdraw from a savings.

** Notice that the savings category or transaction will have the blue mark at the category icon. **