How to manage categories

With LilPig, you can create your own categories with no limitation. You can give it whatever name and select whatever icon for your category. The only limitation right now is the amount of icons we provide for you to select. We hope these icons are suited for your need, but we’re not gonna stop at 40 icons. We will add more icons, promise.

Enter Category Management

There are 2 way to enter category management

  1. Edit category menu at the end of category list when adding transaction.
  2. Category management from the overflow menu on the top right of screen.

Add Category

  1. Press Add button at the top right of screen.
  2. Press the default icon to select an icon for your category.
  3. Enter the category name.
  4. Press OK, done!

Edit Category

  1. Press a category you want to edit.
  2. Give it a new name or change its icon.
  3. Press OK to save.

Delete category

  1. Press a trash icon of the category.
  2. Press OK at the confirm dialog.