Beachhead Defender


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Game Details

From the Beachhead 2000, 2002 inspirations… Come to the first person shooting (FPS) beach defender game with a sh*t load of guns and chicken!!!

You will become a beachhead commander who spawns the soldiers and builds up your force for fighting against the incoming enemies.
And when your enemies are getting stronger. You can be stronger by buying a new weapon, upgrade your own gun and learn some new skills.

Each weapon is a unique one like some can shoot Plasma energy, some can launch a rock?!? But whatever,
“The Rock can Destroy some Tank too!!”

The goal for this game is too damn easy… Just survive the enemy forces as long and hard as you can!! (That’s what she said)

Be the Beachhead defender today… wait… How about now?!?

Who will be the last man standing on your beach? You or the enemies?

Good luck!!

========== Something we claim ==========

– Beachhead Defender is probably the best beach shooting game!! Maybe…
– The AI is so smart. They don’t even think.
– High-Quality shooting game!
– High-Quality 3D graphic and effects.
– Multi-control systems.